Questions about ddos attacks on Xbox and vpn, story in description..

Hi peeps hope you are all doing well and keeping safe, now….

Long story short, I have a friend on Xbox who claims he has been DDOS’d several times. (Assuming that it’s possible and is true) I said why don’t you get a good secure vpn?

He said vpn doesn’t stop it, which is true – correct?

I said yes but it can prevent it and is extremely secure.

He said VPN isn’t and that he can still get booted offline by the guy who is “attacking” my friend by the guy using a paid online booter?????? I asked what he meant as I haven’t heard that before but from what I understand, it is a online service you pay for and it’s as if it’s a 1 click and they’re offline type of software….

Is this true? Can anyone elaborate?

Even without a VPN how secure is my network on Xbox Live? Do you think he is really getting attacked or is it just bad internet.

I mainly want answers from people who are really educated about things like not from information they got off someone from YouTube….Thanks guys.

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How to safely use VPNs?

I’ve been researching and there’s a ton of info out there that I’m not entirely sure is factual or unsponsored content.

There’s some experienced users here so I just want to confirm what I’ve gathered for the most basic and safe use of VPN for regular people who’s using it for everyday use like Netflix and torr enting games, movies, TV shows etc.

Things Id would to be confirmed:

* everything that comes out of the other end of VPN server can technically be tracked from that end (but can it be tracked back to original ip?)
* don’t log in to anything important while on VPN if you don’t want it to be tracked/leaked
* isp can’t see what you’re doing but know you’re connected to a VPN
* it’s safe to use it on streaming services
* safe to use to protect your identity when torren ting stuff (how likely can you be caught?)

So basically anything truly private you shouldn’t access through a VPN right? So just do banking or whatever on your normal home wifi, but for private browsing and downloading you use a VPN to mask your activity?

Also with the whole logging thing, there is no true way of knowing if you are logged as far as I understand, but is this a huge concern for those who are using it like a normal person (including torr ents) and not trying to do anything crazy?

Sorry for long post but I really want this to be clarified because there’s dudes out there saying don’t use VPNs now cuz it can be compromised and others who say you would be stupid not to as it protects you from being tracked.

Thanks in advance

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If I setup openvpn on a router like Asus, Netgear etc for remote access, will my speeds suffer when accessing the internet from *inside* the network?

Sorry for the noob question: In other words, i want to set up a remote access VPN to protect my network from the outside world. However, I don’t want my internet speed to suffer when i’m using the internet from home (99% of the time) – is this something i would have to worry about if I setup a router with something like OpenVPN?

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Can’t ping other local machines when VPN active

The title is more a generalization of my issue.

The core issue is that from my PC, I RDP to another local PC on my network to use it rather than changing monitors all the time. I’ve recently got a VPN service, and when it’s active, I can no longer remote into the other machine on my network.

I figured I’d try to see if I could ping it on my network, and when the VPN is active each ping returns “General Failure”. Same if I ping my router’s IP, my default gateway. When the VPN is off, the ping returns fine.

There any way around this?

I’ve tried remoting into the machine by name and local IP address, neither work.

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Can VPN lower ping?

So lately for whatever reason my ISP changed the routing of my internet to game servers. When I used to play with 20 ping I now play with 80 ping, so I made a traceroute to see why this was happening, and I found that now my ISP sends my packets to an East server and from that server all the way back to West. Now my question is, that if I use a VPN, can the VPN change traffic from their servers to the game servers so it lowers the latency? Or does it still use the ISP servers no matter what? I’ve talked to my ISP and they don’t even know what I’m saying to them.

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