Can VPN lower ping?

>So lately for whatever reason my ISP changed the routing of my internet to game servers. When I used to play with 20 ping I now play with 80 ping, so I made a traceroute to see why this was happening, and I found that now my ISP sends my packets to an East server and from that server all the way back to West. Now my question is, that if I use a VPN, can the VPN change traffic from their servers to the game servers so it lowers the latency? Or does it still use the ISP servers no matter what? I’ve talked to my ISP and they don’t even know what I’m saying to them.

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  1. I had some issue like this and the problem was a connection issue between my house and the local node. Service tech came out and cleaned my fiber connection and then everything was back to normal.

    Have you gone through some basic trouble shooting to determine if the issue is local?

  2. I’v had cases where a VPN improved both throughput (measured with scp of a large file) and latency, which I assumed was because somebody was throttling traffic on the respective protocols/ports on the normal route while the VPN tunnel wasn’t throttled at all.

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