Access whole network through a single machine vpn?

>I have a Freenas Instance where everything server related that I use is running perfectly. My OVPN Insance on this machine is running on a Ubuntu 18.04 VM

Except my printer server, which is setup on a different 15 years old laptop. This server is running on UBUNTU 19.04.

I was wondering if it was possible to access my printer server (So I can print remotely) by connecting to my freenas VPN

For example, connecting on my freenas VPN will allow me to access my files and nextcloud server remotely, but not anything else that is not on THAT specific machine.

Any solutions?

No can’t install a printer server on freenas

Yes, I could install a new VPN instance on my printer server, but I’d rather only have one VPN.

No the vpn can’t be installed on the router as this house network is running with google home.


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