VPN via IKEv2 working with Windows 10 but not on MacOS Catalina

>Hey there! I’ve searched for almost half a day now, but I can’t seem to find a solution to my problem.

I use two notebooks working from home, 1 Windows 10 notebook and 1 MacBook running Catalina. Since SSTP support for MacOS is scarce IKEv2 is the way to go. The Windows machine connects without problems. but trying to connect with the MacBook results in “Unexpected error occured”.

Deeper digging with tcpdump gives me this output: > IP_OF_THE_VPN_SERVER.4500: NONESP-encap: isakmp 2.0 msgid 00000001 cookie 24d042184607d2ae->8303bb77e9ee689d: child_sa ikev2_auth[I]: [|v2e] (len mismatch: isakmp 2468/IP 1468)

Any info on how to fix this? Both machines are connected to the internet via the same WiFi. Both cards have an MTU of 1500.

Edit: both machines use cert based authentication.

Edit: solved it.
Man MacOS likes mobile configs better than anything else. Had to fiddle around with the integrity algo (i need SHA1-96) with Apple Configurator 2 (available at the App Store) and booom I am connected. Thanks for any replies!

Edit: I don’t get DNS or a gateway assigned though. But I’m pretty sure we’ll fix that soon.

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