17 دیدگاه برای “Do you run a VPN on your mobile device 24/7, if so why? If not, why not?”

  1. I can’t say it’s 24/7. 90% of the time yes, to mask my home IP when browsing at home. For streaming videos (YouTube, Netflix, Hulu), no. And 100% of the time when I’m going out. Pihole + Wireguard on a VPS is my must have for on the go and browsing from free WiFi. It’s mostly because I want adblock (pihole) on the mobile device.

  2. Yup, I’m paying for a service I might as well make use of it. I have no change in performance or latency so why not.

  3. I use a VPN on my phone to bypass my works security. Cant use a lot of sites or apps because my work has some really good security. Took awhile to find the right VPN as most don’t work with openvpn. I can only use wireguard because each time I connect it’s a random port so my work can’t just block a common port.

  4. Yes, but only split tunnel for my DNS. I switch to full tunnel on wifi I do not trust and only if I absolutely need to connect which is only when my LTE is kaput

  5. I don’t as I find that for whatever reason, on my iPhone it sometimes bugs out. But I do run it occasionally.

  6. I run it on my firewall 24/7 so all my devices can run through the vpn. Some vpn providers have a device limit. Running in the firewall I don’t have to worry about this. Plus running a vpn on mobile really kills my battery. Now this is good for being at home on wifi.

  7. I use Tasker to turn if on whenever i’m on a non-known WIFI network, or at the office. And off again after I disconnect. I’m not using a VPN on my phone for 4G or when i’m on my own network.

  8. I use wireguard 24/7 on my phone, no matter what network on with no noticeable performance degradation.

    Don’t see any ads anymore thanks to Pihole and It also means I’m always on my home network to connect to my devices if needed.

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