SSTP blocked by firewall? [HELP]

>I’m trying to use a VPN to bypass my school firewall. The only protocol is working is SSTP (Port 443) when I use a provider (MAXPING/GIAMPING).

I tried to set up my own VPN using SoftEther (SSTP Enabled) and it doesn’t seem to work in my school network (Connect just fine with cellular). Anyone knows what’s happening here?

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  1. Are you sure SSTP and SoftEther are blocked? Maybe you configured incorrectly.

    I have a good experience in SoftEther but I can help with remote desktop (TeamViewer) if you can.


    Another solution is to use CiscoVPN (AnyConnect or OpenConnect)

  2. They may be looking at the SSL certificate and blocking self-signed certificates. Try going to in your web browser and clicking the self-signed button. You should get a security warning from your browser, which you can click through to reveal a page with a red background. If something different happens when you try this on the school network, that’s probably what going on. In this case, you’d need a domain name (either your own, or a DDNS subdomain that your school doesn’t block) and a free SSL certificate from letsencrypt.

    Edit: you could also try Wireguard over UDP ports 53 and 123 (try both, can’t guarantee either will work)

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