[Question] افکار شما در Tunnelbear VPN?

> بسیار زیبا می گوید: این موضوع، شما بچه ها توصیه می کنیم با استفاده از آن? هر جوانب مثبت/منفی است؟ با تشکر برای ویرایش پاسخ: پس از پاسخ، من حدس می زنم من نمی خواهد با استفاده از آن. با تشکر برای همه ?? انتقادات و پیشنهادات

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  1. Honestly, I am not a fan as I wanted something specific, but it depends on what you want. (TunnelBear is part of McAfee, a US based company).

    A good starting place of information is the ‘[That One Privacy Site](https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-comparison-chart/)’ which features a detailed VPN comparison chart. You can search for TunnelBear and compare it to other VPNs. (*Example*) If you want to check house prices in another country in their native currency, TunnelBear **free trial** would be perfect. If security is important, or want to torrent, I would look at another provider. I certainly wouldn’t *pay* for a TunnelBear account.

    I have just downloaded their app to do some primitive tests beyond DNS leak etc. Firstly, quite a good looking application, albeit quite heavy, features useless copypasta code and not opensource. I selected several locations and did 3x tests with [asm.ca](https://asm.ca.com/) and [ping.pe](http://ping.pe/) to make sure TunnelBear does use dedicated servers (it does).

    You can see a more indepth test from [Cure53](https://cure53.de/summary-report_tunnelbear.pdf), which were ran prior to the McAfee purchase.

    The McAfee thing and it not being in Europe is a deal breaker for me, but at least it doesn’t use fake servers like many other VPN providers.

  2. Doesn’t allow torrenting, bit expensive, and unclear logging policy (may have timestamps and bandwidth amounts)

    Privacy policy:

    >TunnelBear explicitly does NOT collect, store or log the following data:
    >IP addresses visiting our website
    >IP addresses upon service connection
    >DNS Queries while connectedAny information about the applications, services or websites our users use while connected to our Service

  3. They have a whole lot of shady things about them, here’s just a few:

    1.They are now owned by McAfee

    2.They only allow you to pay with bitcoin if you commit to 1 year.

    3.They are based in Canada (Five Eyes)

    4.They don’t allow P2P and have a very shady logging policy.

    5.I hear their support is terrible.

    Need more? [Here’s a link to ThatOnePrivacySite’s review of TunnelBear VPN](https://thatoneprivacysite.net/2017/11/10/tunnelbear-review/)

  4. I know that Cure53 did a test on Tunnelbear and then they changed the official statement that they published on site. So I would not choose Tunnelbear.

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