How to get around campus blocking VPN?

>Hey guys, as you can see from the title I’m trying to use a VPN on my campusnetwork. My only issue is that after say twenty to sixty minutes, I lose Internet connection and have to reconnect to the WiFi. I should definitely add before hand that my school forces us to install SafeConnects policy key, the bane of my existence and what I think is causing this. I’ve tried spoofing my Chrome to not have to install it but that didn’t work.

I thought initially that they were detecting my VPN (I use TorGuard), and that still may be it. I’ve tried using the OpenVPN stealth protocol (port 4443) with both TCP and UDP, port 443 on OpenVPN, WireGuard, and OpenConnect as well as L2TP.

I changed my DNS to Google’s Open DNS just to see if that was the issue and that didn’t seem to fix it although (it may be coincidental) I did get it to consistently connect for like an hour.

Do I even have any options at this point or should I just accept defeat?

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