Can’t ping other local machines when VPN active

The title is more a generalization of my issue.

The core issue is that from my PC, I RDP to another local PC on my network to use it rather than changing monitors all the time. I’ve recently got a VPN service, and when it’s active, I can no longer remote into the other machine on my network.

I figured I’d try to see if I could ping it on my network, and when the VPN is active each ping returns “General Failure”. Same if I ping my router’s IP, my default gateway. When the VPN is off, the ping returns fine.

There any way around this?

I’ve tried remoting into the machine by name and local IP address, neither work.

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  1. It’s because the VPN is changing your routing table. I think there’s a setting on the VPN tap adapter to choose not to use their VPN’s gateway. I’m not an expert, but that should get you pointed the right way.

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