Question about setting up a private VPN server


Since two weeks ago my workspace started to block streaming services like Spotify and YouTube on it’s WiFi network and I thought I could start to use a VPN to get around this nonsense.

A coworker told me he uses his own VPN what he mad on his NAS, but sadly I don’t have a NAS my home multimedia server is an oldish Win 10 based NUC, I’m not really into convert it to linux.

Can I make my own VPN server from Win 10?

It has to be IKEv2, IPsec or L2TP because I want to use it with my iPhone.

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  1. This is a really great way to get reprimanded or worse. You’re the boss, but if they can block streaming services they can identify VPN connections back to the origin.

    I just popped into the wrong subreddit and this post caught my attention. Sorry if offering advice outside of a direct answer is a violation.

  2. If it is specifically forbidden it is a good way to get the sack circumventing a companies IT policy saying that technically it is easy enough. Check see if your router has a VPN server built in, some do. Otherwise OpenVPN server on Windows isn’t that difficult to set up and configure although that said VPN traffic is not that difficult to identify or block if they wish to do so. In a similar situation years back I used stunnel on port 443 to a proxy on my home machine, then it just looks like normal traffic.

  3. Talk to your manager and explain why you need Spotify and Youtube, and I’m certain they will be able to help.

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