Ordering Clothing Using VPN

>Hello, i will explain my situation because i really need some help as i am failing to understand how this works.
Before i start i want to say that i live in Serbia, South-East part of Europe (this is important).
Okay, to the problem now. I am trying to order a piece of clothing from a website. When i enter the UK website it auto transfers me to Canada website. My issue is that i can not even order from there as they only ship to Canada if ordered on Canadian website.
I managed to enter the UK website using VPN. Now, my question is, are they still going to be able to actually ship it to me if i order using VPN or no since my country apparently is not even supported without VPN.
Hope this is clear enough, thanks in advance!

خرید فیلترشکن

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  1. Why don’t you email them and ask them? Just say “Hi, I’m from X country and if I order on your UK site are you able to ship to me?”

    Don’t mention VPNs or anything. It’s not relevant HOW you get the order completed.

    No need to make this more complicated than it needs to be 🙂

  2. There are many services that will provide you with a US address and forward your physical mail to whichever address you provide them. Google “package forwarding service”.

  3. If you really like the clothing then you can get it shipped from the UK to Serbia. This would probably cost more than just buying another piece of clothing from Serbia instead.

  4. You can just place the order, and if they dont or cant ship, a refund should be pretty straightforward.

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