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>I want to setup a VPN router, but I want to pick and choose which devices go through the VPN tunnel and which dont.

Is that possible? I was hoping to either be able to setup rules to pick and choose which devices i want to connect via VPN. Or ideally, have 2 WIFI SSID’s. One call it X and the other X-VPN where I can use that for the VPN connected devices.

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  1. Yes. Just last week I configured a linksys wrt3200acm router running OpenWrt in exactly this way ( two ssid, one with vpn, one without).

    I found some useful information on how to do this in these pages:




    Although it seemed straightforward once I was done, I ended up starting over a couple of times before getting it right.

    One thing you should know is that running a vpn client on your router may slow down the router so your bandwidth may be less than expected.

  2. yes, asus routers (requires Merlin firmware) have a feature termed “policy routing” where connected devices can be routed thru the WAN or the VPN.

  3. Pfsense has this functionality. You can route specific clients through the VPN connection or vise versa, route specific clients through the WAN. I do the second way. All clients go through the VPN except those in the white list for the WAN.

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