VPN من محل بر روی نقشه های گوگل مؤثر است؟

چون من می خواهم با استفاده از نقشه های گوگل برای پیدا کردن مکان و غیره من مکان مختلف اگر من استفاده از VPN را در نقشه های گوگل و یا همان بخواهید

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  1. Yes, if you have a good VPN that doesn’t leak data, your computer will appear to be wherever your VPN server is connected. For example when I set mine to Miami, Florida and then open up maps in a web browser, it pulls up a location in Florida.
    One of the purposes of a VPN is to change the ip of your computer, thus making it appear as a different computer somewhere else.

    There are things you could adjust to prevent this from happening though, such as saving your home location in Google Maps (I’m assuming) or using a separate app and only using VPN for web traffic.

  2. Depends.

    If the data is being fed by GPS (ie, your smartphone), then no, it won’t affect it, if the location is being displayed without the use of a GPS (The PC), then yes, it will change it.

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