OpenVPN و killswitch در W10

هی هی!

من با استفاده از OpenVPN روی ویندوز 10 و چرا من سرویس دهنده VPN نرم افزار خود ندارد killswitch، نیاز. بنابراین در اعتماد موتورلا تنها.

چرا OpenVPN رابط کاربری گرافیکی این گزینه در تنظیمات ندارد? 🙁

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  1. ~~With Linux you can use a simple script with iptables to lock your network to the specific VPN, if you’re using Linux you can use [this script]( Nevermind noticed you said Win10.

    If you’re on Windows you can make a firewall rule that only allows traffic through the vpn server address (there are plenty of guides on Google on how to do this)

  2. It depends of why you need a killswitch! If it’s for use with a BitTorrent client, most of them allows to enter an interface name or IP address in the “Interface” parameter. As a sample, Deluge support only IP address and qBittorrent support interface name (eth0, …). When you connect to your VPN provider a local IP is defined most of times under 10.x.x.x class. Simply enter this address or the network interface name used by your VPN and if the connection is down your BitTorrent client will NOT switch to an other network card (WiFi, box, …). Normaly you should modify the settings directly in the “right” conf file BEFORE running the BitTorrent client otherwise restart it after modifying your settings.
    If you use OpenVPN, you can script almost everything with the use of the “up” and “down” commands.

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