6 دیدگاه برای “VPN موبایل tethering پنهان می کنید؟”

  1. yes it can. you need a vpn on your mobile device. and PdaNet+ installed on your pc, and mobile device. if your provider gives you unlimited mobile data, but only 1 gig of tethered data, it will not recognize the traffic as ‘tethered’ just regular mobile data

  2. Not intrinsically but it could. They will probably know something is up if you use a ton of data.

  3. No but you can use Foxfi and it has an option to hide tether from carrier so it looks like it is just phone data being used.

  4. I use VPN on my mobile (Android with OpenVPN), and I also use it quite often for tethering (hotspot), but I always have to disconnect my VPN in order to provide an IP address to the connecting device, otherwise it won’t connect. Afterwards I can reconnect to my VPN, but the connected device is not running under VPN. What do I do wrong? How could I ensure a VPN connection also during tethering for connected devices?
    BTW: my phone is not rooted.

  5. I use vpn to hide tethering on android. You need to tether vpn connection not your residential. You can try pdanet

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