VPN به همراه Tor کافی برای مرور خصوصی است؟

> فرض کنید شما هیچ مرورگرهای دیگر (یا هر چیزی که می تواند شما را شناسايی) در حال اجرا، به که راه حل ساده اما کافی را به من خواهد بود؟ VPN از آنچه شما انجام می دهند از همان لحظه خود را پنهان می کند و پنهان تر آنچه شما انجام می دهند از شبکه اختصاصی مجازی.

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  1. Both The Tor project and the Tails devs advise against using a VPN and Tor simultaneously. You can visit their respective websites as to why that is. It is much better to use one or the other.

    Tor is the best tool you have to protect your privacy while online. It is the only way to protect you against browser fingerprinting, which is the usual way websites try to identify you. If you use a VPN to visit example.com the site can issue you a unique ID # based on your hardware and browser specs which will identify you the next time you visit. With Tor, you and everyone else using Tor nearly have the same specifications which makes you all hard to tell apart. Tor also comes with NoScript and Https Everywhere which further protect your privacy.

    People say Tor is unusable because of captchas and the slower speeds. Captchas can be reduced by using startpage or duckduckgo as your search engine. I don’t mind entering captchas and the slower speeds in exchange for the fingerprinting protection Tor offers. If you do mind it, then just use a VPN and make sure your browser has Https Everywhere to hide your activity from the VPN.

  2. tor is only useful if you are browsing onion based urls.. once you use it to explore the regular internet, it is useless, and a vpn will be better

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